The ownership and management of Construction Technical Services Arabia, hereafter referred to as CTSA, provides qualified
consulting personnel to the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industries, onshore and offshore, both upstream and downstream.
CTSA is pleased to provide the industry with highly qualified consulting personnel dedicated to Construction Management,
Materials Engineering, Welding Engineering, Project Management, Materials Application and Design, Quality Engineering,
Quality Assurance, and Quality Control services. 

CTSA was formed with Construction Technical Services Inc. (CTSI) a USA company incorporated in 1993. A provider of
Inspection, Quality Assurance, and Construction Technical Services to the Oil & Gas industrial services in North & South
America, Canada, Mexico, Europe & Africa.

Senior Corporate Management with CTSI now function with CTSA in Senior Management positions.  A proven track record of accomplishments with CTSI accompanies CTSA capabilities.

CTSA is an in-Kingdom, Saudi government registered company (CR no: 2050054060) that provides QA, Inspection, and other Engineering technical services. CTSA is an approved/qualified provider of technical services to Saudi Aramco (Vendor no. 10036967), SABIC (Vendor no.505004), and other clients (both large and small) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

With a network of experienced technical consultants in multiple disciplines, the CTSA focus is to provide experienced, value-added service to clients in Saudi Arabia, Gulf Coast Countries (GCC), the Middle East and Africa. We currently have personnel working in many international locations.

The following is a summary of services provided by CTSA:

·         Inspection Services  - Mechanical, Structural, Rotating Equipment, Process Equipment, Pressure Vessels, Weld,
Subsea Equipment, Coatings, Electrical and Instrumentation

·         Welding Consultancy  - Procedure Development, Procedure Review, Welder Qualification, Welding Application
Evaluation, and Welding Productivity Evaluation

·         Quality Documentation Services  - Development, Review or Management of: Quality Manuals, MTR, SDRL,
Data Books, Quality Plans, Shop Routers, and Technical Specifications.

·         Engineering  - Metallurgical, Quality Engineering, Materials Engineering, Vibration/Flow Analysis, Flow Loop
Development Review and Technical Procedure Development.

·         Engineering Support Services  - Expediting, Structural, Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Instrumentation, Technical
Writing, Procedure Development and Engineering Drawing review.

·         Project Management Services  - Client Interface, Technical Supervision and Quality Management for capital projects
including Refineries, Petrochemical Plants, Offshore Production Platforms, Production Equipment and all associated
Fabrication, Construction and Installation both offshore and onshore.


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Head Office: +966 (013) 840 8552/ 840 8553
Fax:     3 840 8547

Head Office: +966 (013) 840 8552/ 840 8553
Fax:     +966 3 840 8547

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